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Earn commissions fast

Work from anywhere in the world

Enjoy ultimate work life balance

Sell travel for Australia & New Zealand

Everyone can escape the 9-5

Setting out on your own is never easy. You’ve been dreaming of it for months, years even, but without resources or support, you can feel completely stuck in the rat race. But why shouldn’t you work from Bali or Barcelona or Byron, getting paid for doing what you love? With Freelance Travel, you can have the support and resources you need to live free.

Rideshare Drivers & Tour Operators

Make more money with little extra effort from domestic travellers you already work with, and thrive with your income back on track.

  • Secure your income and uncap your earning potential.
  • Work casual, part-time or full time hours from anywhere in the world.
  • Put the industry knowledge you have to good use.
  • Keep your current job and work flexibly to make up your income.

Travel Agents

Become successful on your own terms, build a business out of the ashes and never rely on someone else for your income again.

  • Enjoy the ultimate work life balance, choose your own hours.
  • Secure your income and uncap your earning potential.
  • Work from anywhere in the world as a digital nomad.
  • Make lifelong memories for your network of customers and friends.

Hotel & Hostel Concierges

Increase revenue and productivity during any lower occupancy period – and provide your guests with the very best service.

  • Generate more income from guests you already have in-house!
  • Increase revenue and productivity from concierge and front desk staff.
  • Have your hotel known for its excellent concierge and front desk service.
  • Add to your total revenue when occupancy is down.

Entrepreneurs & Influencers

Leverage your audience or network to make extra income with little additional effort. Keep living your life on your terms.

  • Enjoy the ultimate work life balance.
  • Increase the income you make from your audience or network and uncap your earning potential.
  • Make lifelong memories for your contacts.

Unlock total freedom with
your new Instant Booking System

Uncap your earning potential
Uncap your earning potential

And keep 100% of your commission – you deserve all the rewards of your work

Receive ongoing support and training
Receive ongoing support and training

Access industry-leading expertise to help grow your business

Choose your own hours
Choose your own hours

Explore the freedom of being your own boss and enjoy your ultimate lifestyle

Cast off on your journey with the full support of our expertise

We think it should be easy to enjoy the freedom you dream about. That’s why we created the Instant Booking System, which provides anyone with entrepreneurial opportunities – without the financial stress of starting your own business.

Now, our easy-to-use system powers Australia’s largest network of travel agents. And with access to our Aussie-based account managers, accountants and support staff (who’ll even take care of your refunds!), you can begin your business with confidence that you’re fully supported.

Directly connected to 1000s of accommodation vendors & experience suppliers

Live product inventory for exclusive access to in-demand experiences

Our technology has powered XXX brands across Australia and NZ since 2006

Achieve your ultimate lifestyle
in just 3 steps:

Create your free account in 60 seconds or less

Begin your journey today and we can get you started right away!

Start selling travel and earn commission fast

With no unnecessary training required, begin generating revenue today

Enjoy the freedom of living your ultimate lifestyle

Grow and support your network with all their travel needs from anywhere on the planet!

Receive ongoing training
Receive ongoing training

Training isn’t required, but it’s there for you to utilise

Get direct access to Aussie support
Get direct access to Aussie support

With one main point of contact, you also have access to in-house accountants

Have refunds taken care of
Have refunds taken care of

Need to process a refund? Send it to us and we’ll sort it!

Enjoy one easy-to-use system for everything
Enjoy one easy-to-use system for everything

Book travel, accommodation, tours, experiences and more from one easy system

Keep 100% of your commission
Keep 100% of your commission

With the highest commission margins in the industry, you can uncap your earning potential

Discover how the Instant Booking System can work for you

Book your FREE 15-minute demo to see how the Instant Booking System can work for you and your goals. We’ll run you through how to use it and can answer any questions you may have.

Is your escape plan fool-proof?

If you need some support in freeing yourself from the rat race, download this guide that gives you a clear path on leaving your 9-5 and gaining ultimate freedom.